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Two things that I have understood after writing hundreds of posts on my personal blog and the 100th on Medium.

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Writing consistently requires effort, and that too a lot of it.

To add to that, just writing is not enough these days. A whole lot of work needs to be done for content distribution and reach too.

I have been a fan of Medium since day one. In the era when interfaces used to be cluttered, maintaining a blog site required technical know-how, and integrating even small plugins needed loads of effort, Medium came and bowled us all over with a single thing —

An easy to use, clean interface that made the writing and reading experience better.

The value offering was clear — writers could focus on writing and readers could access a variety of content in one place.

From then till now, a lot has changed at Medium but if you ask my views about it, I am still in love with it. There is something about the content here, that makes me come back to it every day, both as a reader and writer.

I hope someday I will learn the art of balancing between frequency and consistency. Until then, let me continue enjoying my journey and the process of writing. Even if it’s slow, I love it :). And I love my daily date with my notepad at my desk first thing in the morning.

If there are two things that I have understood about writing after penning down hundreds of posts in all these years, those would be —

Habit is powerful.

It’s ok to be slow, what matters, in the long run, is being consistent.

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Dreamer, Doer, Mother, Marketer. Earlier posts available at — http://www.kanupriyasindhu.com/

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