Ephemeral Content: How To Use It Effectively In Your Marketing Plan

Everything marketers need to know about ephemeral content

Source: Instagram For Business

It’s a form of marketing riding on the popularity of ephemeral content. These are rich media content available for a short duration. Currently, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, are offering it. Ephemeral content of these social channels self-destroy and vanish after 24 hours. With a variety of templates and visual elements, to choose from, it’s easy to create engaging ephemeral posts on any of these platforms.

Even though most platforms have it, but in my experience, so far Instagram has given me better results for ephemeral campaigns. Facebook stories are picking up too. But for the accounts that I manage, Facebook numbers are half of what I get on Instagram.

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The life span of ephemeral content may be short-lived, but going by its current popularity, as a marketing trend, it’s here to stay.

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