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My blog site has content accumulated for almost 17 years now and has more than 600 posts. That means, on average 3 posts per month. At times there have been periods of lull and at times my writing has been on a high. What has kept me going on till now? Passion? My love for writing dates back to as early as when I learned alphabets. Perseverance? I am a creature of habit to the extent of being boring at times but somehow that’s the life I like — of habits and routine. Or something else? More on it in my next post soon.

While conducting corporate workshops and teaching at business schools, I meet people from varied backgrounds whose marketing requirements are very different.

There are lots of marketing-related posts on my site relevant to large businesses and startups. But I understand it can get confusing for people to search for some niche topics here.

While I am trying to bucketize my content under relevant categories, I have also decided to create a dedicated product marketing space for small businesses, solopreneurs, and passion economy professionals.

Connecting The Dots is an effort towards that — a publication to address the marketing needs of the segments above.

Once a week, a post that will help you navigate your product marketing journey, from value creation to value communication. I have worked in both product management and product marketing spaces for long to tell you that-

If this thought resonates with you and you are someone new to the world of product marketing, entrepreneurship, or passion economy, you may subscribe to Connecting The Dots here.

My commitment — I understand the content clutter out there. As someone who works with data very closely, to say that the amount of information available to us is overwhelming, would be an understatement.

So, the effort would be to keep it simple, crisp, and actionable. What does this mean for you — posts of less than 5 min reading time each, leaving you with some actionable insights to try on your own. In case I would be suggesting any further reading material, I would do that keeping in mind that you have a business to run or a personal brand to build. So, the recommendation should be absolutely worth your time

On that note, I am on to “Connecting The Dots” between value creation to communication, aiming to make it worth yours as well as my time. Looking forward to seeing you there soon.


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