The Netflix Effect In Marketing

Netflix is not a marketing platform, yet it is! Especially for content-driven marketing.

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My behavior was impulsive. I spotted, stopped, and clicked.

It was only when I reached back home and mentioned these trees to my husband that I paused to think of my behavior. How something that was always there in front of my eyes, suddenly caught my attention after watching The Chestnut Man.

The Netflix Effect. The power of engaging content. The correlation between attention and action.

So, I am not surprised when I read the news of Vans’ white slip-on shoes sales spiking up by 7800%, or, the significant increase in Korean language learners at DuoLingo ever since Squid Game debuted at Netflix last month. Of course, the growth numbers blew my mind. But going by the popularity of the show, the fact that this has happened is not a big surprise.

Implicit cognition at play once again. Influencing the user behavior consciously and subconsciously.

Subconscious has always had a strong play in the advertising industry. On one hand, it’s amazing to see Netflix standing strong with its no-advertising policy. On the other, it’s fascinating to observe how despite no explicit ads, it still ends up influencing buying behavior of its target audience at so many levels.

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Good content rules. Always did. Always will.

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