When brand storytelling works

2 min readJan 24, 2020
Image Credit — Kanupriya Sindhu

Spotted these Amazon Storyboxes at a mall recently and they instantly made me curious to browse more. Beautiful stories presented in a beautiful way, loved this new initiative by Amazon India. Good storytelling works always, isn’t it?

And not just storytelling, the Amazon Storybox is yet another brilliant example of the importance of packaging in marketing. Packaging changes perception, packaging reinforces the brand value and packaging sells.

In case you haven’t seen Amazon Storyboxes yet, you may check more about it here.

Image Credit — Amazon India

An India-first innovation, Amazon Storybox is an initiative that aims at showcasing inspiring stories of its sellers to buyers through its packaging boxes. These boxes contain an asset in the form of the face of the seller illustrated using QR code elements, that when scanned will lead to the dedicated microsite for seller stories. The site is featuring stories of some of the selected sellers through interesting video and post format.

Not only these stories are inspiring, but they also are:




and most importantly, make you think and act.

Now, what else do we need from good storytelling?

The medium chosen for reach is fantastic, messaging is to the point and execution is fantastic.

To add to that, both the ends of the supply chain are deriving value out of it. Such is the beauty of a well thought out marketing campaign.

This one easily goes in my repository of good case studies of innovative packaging and storytelling by brands.

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