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Between my last post and this, nothing much has changed in my LinkedIn feed, as far as stories are concerned. I see a few folks using it, but I am yet to experience something unique or share-worthy. I plan to try it soon and will hopefully get some data in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, here’s the second part of the post on “Ephemeral Content” and how to use it in our marketing plan.

Before we proceed further. what exactly is Ephemeral Content Marketing?

It’s a form of marketing riding on the popularity of ephemeral content. These are rich media content available for a short duration. Currently, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, are offering it. Ephemeral content of these social channels self-destroy and vanish after 24 hours. With a variety of templates and visual elements, to choose from, it’s easy to create engaging ephemeral posts on any of these platforms. …

Despite not having a long-lasting impact, ephemeral content is loved by many marketers.

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LinkedIn launched stories a few weeks back. I can already see it picking up in my own network, and on the platform in general.

Ephemeral content is on the rise like never before. Started by Snapchat but made mass by Instagram stories, there is something very captivating about the short-lived form of content these days. I am yet to try LinkedIn stories. But if I observe my own behavior on other channels, especially on Instagram, I am more active with stories than posts.

While I knew the answer for the same, but before jotting down this post, I carefully evaluated my own behavior on why I like stories more? The answer is clear and it’s the same for me, as it is for many of you — it’s quick and not “permanent”. I don’t have to worry about the long-lasting impression of my posts and the imprint that I am leaving on the web. …

Two things that I have understood after writing hundreds of posts on my personal blog and the 100th on Medium.

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Image: www.kanupriyasindhu.com

So, this happens to be my 100th post on Medium! Yay!

This is beyond the 600+ posts that I have on my personal blog since 2003. My first post on Medium was 5 years back in 2015, and that means I have averaged around 1.6 posts per month here.

Is this sufficient to get noticed on Medium considering the volume of content that gets published on Medium now? I know it’s NOT. But it’s still a win for me, my own small personal win. To be able to dedicate some time to write despite all other madness in life.

Writing consistently requires effort, and that too a lot of it. …

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Image Credit — Unsplash

In case you’re expecting this post to be about tools, well, there will be some mentions below. But before we move to tools, let’s discuss the power of “I” in generating content ideas.

It’s wonderful to know that the last post resonated with many of you. The most common response that I received was — realization is there but how to restart? Sometimes the mind is too blank or blocked to think about a topic or, where to start from?

I don’t have any formula for this but I am happy to share what works for me when I get stuck with ideas and thoughts.

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Background — Unsplash, Design — Kanupriya Sindhu

In writing, habit seems to be the much stronger force than either willpower or inspiration.

- John Steinbeck

Last month I didn’t write anything, not even a single blog post here or on my personal site. Partly because I was very busy on the work front and partly because I slipped off my daily writing routine. I write first thing in the morning before my family wakes up. Of late, lots of late-night work calls and general randomness in life during this whole work-from-home and school-from-home phase have been making it difficult to wake up early.

But if I look closely, the key reason to not write would be — not sticking to my schedule. …

As part of one of my recent projects, I got a chance to interact with some awesome entrepreneurs from Central Europe. While the discussions were primarily around pivoting during the pandemic, there were many other learnings for me about entrepreneurship and life in general. Sometimes candid conversations give us many more insights than planned discussions.

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Image — Kanupriya Sindhu

Summarizing here the five key takeaways that got repeated by all of them. And this is not the first time that I have heard these. I have worked with some amazing founders in the past across India and the US, my recent project here reminded me of the lessons learned with them.

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Photo by Clint Adair on Unsplash

My blog site has content accumulated for almost 17 years now and has more than 600 posts. That means, on average 3 posts per month. At times there have been periods of lull and at times my writing has been on a high. What has kept me going on till now? Passion? My love for writing dates back to as early as when I learned alphabets. Perseverance? I am a creature of habit to the extent of being boring at times but somehow that’s the life I like — of habits and routine. Or something else? …

I am sure you would have seen this ad by now

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Image Credit — Kanupriya Sindhu

Simple yet brilliant — that’s what Apple messages always are.

And most importantly, to the point.

Creativity Goes On By Apple

Like most of the product and marketing folks, it’s no surprise that even I have always been fascinated with the power of simplicity that brands like Apple have made us believe in.

But another thing that has been interesting about Apple’s messaging to me on a personal level is their focus on creativity.

While creativity as a concept has existed ever since the human race has been into existence but let’s accept it –

Thanks to social media, creativity has become mainstream now.

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Photo by Kristian Egelund on Unsplash

What is branding?

No, I am not going to write yet another post on a topic for which more than 10,000 books & 8,000,000,000+ google search results exist :). Even though millions of resources exist but there are only a few that catch your attention and this post is about that.

I recently shared a personal anecdote on how brand influences action. What I bought was just another drugstore brand but why I bought it, had some correlation between brand and buyer behavior.

The why of my buying behavior resonated with fellow professionals in some of the marketing and startup groups that I am a part of. While I received much positive feedback about the post but it also ignited a discussion on what is branding? …

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Normafa Park, Budapest. Image by — Kanupriya Sindhu

Last weekend, we went to a public park nearby after lockdown of more than 75 days, and what a refreshing change it was! To see the greenery, to breathe the fresh air, to feel the wind, it was all so beautiful. Perhaps more so, because we were experiencing it after long.

That’s the thing about humans, we hardly appreciate things whose lack we haven’t experienced. With the infrastructure to reach anywhere across the globe anytime, and with the possibility to even travel to space now, none of us would have ever imagined that there will be days in our lives when stepping out of our home would become a luxury, something worth celebrating and cherishing. …



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