Many a time, small businesses impart far more practical knowledge than what we get to learn in structured classrooms.

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Observing small businesses and their growth strategies always fascinate me. Many a time, these businesses impart far more practical knowledge than what we get to learn in structured classrooms.

Last week, many countries in Central Europe reinstated strict lockdown. Budapest, where I reside currently, is back to the lockdown state of March 2020. Schools, colleges, malls, and restaurants, have been completely shut. Going back into the lockdown makes me wonder if the world will ever recover from this pandemic and will we ever go back to our earlier lifestyle again?

The announcement about the lockdown from the Government sent panic…

Life on hold? Life delayed? It’s not just you.

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Oh, this feeling of nothingness.

And the state of being numb.

The last two months have been insane due to many reasons. I don’t remember being this distracted in my life ever. And just when I thought to begin a new month with new hope, I got the news of yet another death of a very close friend back home in India. This is painful and insane.

The pandemic has been more brutal than imagined. Every day, the morning starts with death messages from friends and family. Personal feed on social media is full…

Pay attention to get attention back.

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Pay Attention.

Pay For Attention.

Attention Economy.

Attention Is Scarce.

Value Attention.

Some of the lines I speak and hear quite often at work and home. The challenge is the same across both spectrums of my life — attracting the attention of my target audience.

At home, the target audience being the spouse and the child. And goal being making them listen to me at one go. This isn’t easy, at least in my household! Especially with the spouse. So, when I see my spouse reacting to the child not paying attention. I try to remind him of a…

It's simple until we complicate it.

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While writing my last post, I didn’t realize it will open up such interesting conversation threads with my readers. That post connected with many. Some went down memory lane remembering their own old diary. Whereas, some shared how their outlook towards life has changed ever since they started practicing meditation, gratitude-journaling, or journaling in general. Some asked me thought-provoking questions in forums where the link was shared.

Going through those queries, I felt my last post had an incomplete ending. The readers expected more. Some takeaways, or practical insights that they can implement in their lives. …

I recently got a chance to revisit my old journal.

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The silver lining of this dark Covid cloud has been that we get to work from anywhere and last month I used this opportunity to spend some time at my childhood home. I got a chance to be there for a few days at a stretch after many, many years.

Physicists tell us time-travel isn’t possible, but there is something astounding about childhood homes. The moment I landed there, memories came rushing back at the speed of light and I was transported back to the 1980s and 90s like magic. While browsing through my childhood memorabilia and hostel trunk box…

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2020 — the year of extraordinary challenges, and unexpected chaos.

The year of unprecedented crisis and unimaginable loss.

The year that made the whole world stand still.

The year that made us reflect, reset, and refill.

This year has been exceptionally tough for many in ways more than we can ever imagine. The general mood across the globe has been gloomy and stressful.

But this year also has been the year of faith and hope.

Hope for humanity.

Hope for a better tomorrow.

Hope for happier days.

Hope for normalcy to be restored.

Hope is a magical word. Hope brings…

Content that connects + provides value + compels us to share = viral content.

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It’s that time of the year. It’s time for Spotify Wrapped :).

See, I told you yesterday, it’s December, the month when we will be bombarded with year-end reflection posts. Some that we will be looking forward to. And some that we wish we hadn’t seen.

Spotify Wrapped is an interesting example of that. Some laugh at it, some love it, and some hate it. But despite the love and hate relationship with it, people share it. And as a product marketer, that’s the most intriguing part of it for me.

The moment I spotted #2020Wrapped in my Spotify app…

A friendly reminder for the ones having a tough year — you are not alone.

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For this month, I have decided to write posts beyond marketing and product. On topics that are from my day to day life. I used to write a mix of posts earlier but in between, I stopped. Now I wish to restart. Why? Because I want to :). Also,

It’s December!

A month of reflection, reconnection, and reevaluation.

A month to reset!

While many will go into reflecting and repositioning mood, a whole lot of people will also share their year-end summary of life. Some real ones highlighting the genuine pain and struggles they went through. Some with success stories…

Two interesting B2B examples inside.


In my last post, I mentioned how festivals bring out some of the best marketing campaigns of the year. From Diwali in India to Christmas across the globe, we get to see brilliant films and creatives during this time of the year. The year 2020 of course has been different. Pandemic has changed the rules of marketing to a large extent. But the festive spirit is still alive in the market. I’m sure we will get to see a lot more brilliant marketing stories in the next one month.

Two participants from my last workshop messaged after reading this post…


I’m sure by now, we all have seen this new Christmas ad by Coca-Cola. It’s beautiful, meaningful, and most importantly -

It stays with you!

It’s like watching a complete film in two and a half minutes.

It has drama.

The kind of drama that has anticipation mingled with uncertainty.

The central character goes through conflict, challenges, climax, and finally a happy ending. An ending that leaves you teary-eyed and pulls at your heartstring.

In nutshell, it has everything that Andrew Stanton defines as clues to a great story.

Festivals are the action-packed time for brands and marketers. We…


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