Some may sustain, some can change, and some will go away permanently.

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Their struggle is for real. And they need to change. To…

Life on hold? Life delayed? It’s not just you.

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Oh, this feeling of nothingness.

And the state of being numb.

Pay attention to get attention back.

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Many a time, small businesses impart far more practical knowledge than what we get to learn in structured classrooms.

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It's simple until we complicate it.

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I recently got a chance to revisit my old journal.

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Hope is a magical word. Hope brings…

Content that connects + provides value + compels us to share = viral content.

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A friendly reminder for the ones having a tough year — you are not alone.

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It’s December!

A month of reflection, reconnection, and reevaluation.

A month to reset!

Two interesting B2B examples inside.



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